Friday, February 15, 2008

Wading Creeks and Streams

Creeks and streams are abundant all around the world and many of them are have some really great fishing in them if you find the right spot. Most people who fish are what I call the " seldom fishers " , who I refer to as those group of people who only pretend to know what they are doing when they go fishing and end up fishing from the banks somewhere where they can drive up to the edge of the water and fish almost out of their vehicles. The next group of people who fish I call the " amatuer fishers " who know something about fishing but catch very few fish when they go. Then we come to the " professional fishers " who seem to know everything there is to know about fishing and usually can catch fish anywhere they go and at anytime. As for me, I guess I'm whats called an amatuer fisher and only catch fish if they are biting. My favorite way to catch fish is by wading the creeks and streams at a slow pace, usually wading upstream so as to keep any mud and debris that is stirred up from the bottom flowing behind me. Depending on the time of year as to the type of bait or lures that I take with me and what kind of bottom I fish. During spring thaw the smallmouth bass run upstream to the dams to spawn and can later be caught just about anywhere in the creeks and streams as the water temperatures change. Just about all species of fish will spawn in early spring with the exception of a few species which will wait till the water temperatures have warmed to around 65-68 degrees. As you wade these creeks and streams there are a few hazards you want to be carefull of such as slick bottoms, snakes and swift currents and even fences across the waters. Wading creeks and streams can be an enjoyable event but it can also turn out to be a very bad situation if care is not taken while fishing. Please make sure you use caution when stepping off ledges in the waters as these can sometime be very deep drop-off putting you in over your head. Next time you go fishing give this method a try and see if you don't come out with some great fish but remember to keep only what you can eat and release the rest for someone else to have a great time catching.Please remember also to check your size limit in your area before you go fishing and when in doubt throw them back.

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