Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring Fishing's Coming

I can't wait for spring to get here. The rains come, the creeks swell, the fish move up into the creeks and then when all returns to normal and the waters warm just a little bit, the fishing is really great everywhere. I love fishing creeks and rivers in the springtime cause the action is so fast and you never know just what you might catch. There's lots of ledges and over hanging tree branches that hold fish but you have to take your time fishing these spots to be effective and catch the fish. Sometimes you have to wade back thru a hole and change baits to get them to bite but its worth it just to get the full enjoyment of creek fishing. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time when you go creek wading so you can fish the holes slowly and be sure to take in all the scenery as you wade. Remember to that the bottom of the creeks are going to be very slick up until mid summer, especially if there's any current at all, due to the winter cleansing. Remember also to keep just the fish you intend to eat or put in the freezer and only keep the fish of legal size limits.

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