Thursday, February 7, 2008

Technology and Tackle.

Todays fishing world is just as full of fish of all sizes and different species as it was over 100 years ago but the technology to catch these fish have changed dramaticly over this time and more so just recently. Rods and reels, boats, electronic eqippment, baits and lures, lines and even the technics have all changed to make fishing more productive and enjoyable. As you walk through your favorite fishing tackle store or look through your favorite fishing supply magazine take a moment to notice just how many different varieties of the same type lures or rods you'll find that do exactly the same thing. Now they say choice is good but too much of a good thing can be confusing to alot of people. Me myself, I like to run into my tackle store grab exactly what I'm after and get out to the fishing hole,but let a salesperson or someone in the store that knows you see you there and it's 20-30 minutes before you get out of the store to go fishing. There is one great way of getting your fishing supplies before your trip and that is to go grocery shopping with the spouse everytime and depending on where you get your fishing supplies either drop her (or him ) off and go get your tackle or like at Walmart Supercenter just go to the other end of the store and have them meet you there when their done shopping. In the next few post I plan on discussing ways of catching big catfish and wading creeks and streams for fast action fishing.

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Eagle Eyes said...

David - Just came across your blog and enjoyed your post. Your post is right on! One of the things that fishing folks need in their list of preparedness for fishing is "Confidence". You can carry around a tackle shop worth of gear, but, your go to lures or flies are the ones you have been the most successful with.

By the way, I have a fishing blog also. Hope you can stop by and let me know what you think.

See you up around the bend.