Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Fishing Update.

Well I had planned on going fishing this weekend but the weather just didn't cooperate so I ended up visiting blogs and giving my support to my fellow bloggers and doing some research on a sickness I've just been diagnosed with. I did check the fishing report for my area and found out that the fishing was slow right now due to the weather and the cold running the fish down deep. Most fish ,of those being caught, are running from 10-35 feet deep on channels or drop-offs. These fish are being caught on mostly jigs or live minnows. Hopefully I'll get the chance to go fishing two weeks from now when I'm off on the weekend again. There has been some rumors that the catfish are biting now for the past month or so, so maybe I'll give catfishing a try when I go. March usually starts the catfish feeding good and getting ready to start going on beds so it should start getting exciting around here through the last part of July or August. Anyway I'll give a update to you on the fishing here after I go in two weeks and hopefully the weather will be better by then and the fish will be biting.