Monday, March 15, 2010

Fishing Season is upon us.

2010 has come around the corner with a blast of cold artic air coming down from the northlands but none the less just like clockwork the fishing season has stated. Since the end of deer season I've been talking hunting and fishing with a co-worker and he's invited me to go with him this year on a walleye fishing trip. Now I've never caught a walleye so this will be a new experience for me if it happens that I get lucky on the trip. I've gotten my bass rod out and put new 14 lb spider mono line on it to try out this year, Picked up some 30- 1/2 ounce neon green jigs,checked the fishing regulations for any changes this year and checked the fishing reports at the river we'll be fishing. At present the water is still way down at winter pool which has put the boat ramp some 12- 15 feet out of water but there are other ramps which can be used to launch our boat. The walleye are still moving upstream into the river channels and haven't reached our honey hole yet. I predict that within the next week or two the fish should be in our honey hole and schooling up there well enough that we should have a great day fishing for them. There are reports that 6- 8 lb fish are being caught approximately 300 yards downstream, more in the lake body in 20- 30 feet of water. Though my knowledge of walleye fishing is sparse to say the least I do know that the best way to catch them here is with a jig and trailer or live bait. This should prove to be a interesting fishing trip for me as well as one of a learning experience. After the fishing trip I hope to be writing a post to update everyone on the outcome of my new experience. In the meantime at work they are planning this years fishing tournaments again and have scheduled one for the weekend of March 27th. If I go to this bass tournament I'll also be posting a report on that as well.