Monday, March 15, 2010

Fishing Season is upon us.

2010 has come around the corner with a blast of cold artic air coming down from the northlands but none the less just like clockwork the fishing season has stated. Since the end of deer season I've been talking hunting and fishing with a co-worker and he's invited me to go with him this year on a walleye fishing trip. Now I've never caught a walleye so this will be a new experience for me if it happens that I get lucky on the trip. I've gotten my bass rod out and put new 14 lb spider mono line on it to try out this year, Picked up some 30- 1/2 ounce neon green jigs,checked the fishing regulations for any changes this year and checked the fishing reports at the river we'll be fishing. At present the water is still way down at winter pool which has put the boat ramp some 12- 15 feet out of water but there are other ramps which can be used to launch our boat. The walleye are still moving upstream into the river channels and haven't reached our honey hole yet. I predict that within the next week or two the fish should be in our honey hole and schooling up there well enough that we should have a great day fishing for them. There are reports that 6- 8 lb fish are being caught approximately 300 yards downstream, more in the lake body in 20- 30 feet of water. Though my knowledge of walleye fishing is sparse to say the least I do know that the best way to catch them here is with a jig and trailer or live bait. This should prove to be a interesting fishing trip for me as well as one of a learning experience. After the fishing trip I hope to be writing a post to update everyone on the outcome of my new experience. In the meantime at work they are planning this years fishing tournaments again and have scheduled one for the weekend of March 27th. If I go to this bass tournament I'll also be posting a report on that as well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Catfish Season is Over.

This is just a very short post to let everyone of my readers know that catfish season is over with for me now and that I'll be posting more to my hunting website then here. I'll still post here just not as often. Our bass tournament is still going on at work but this past tournament was cancelled due to lack of entries and the 4th of July weekend causing the lakes and rivers to be to crowded. I'm overcome with home duties and other obligations but will continue to post here as often as possible. Thanks for your devoted patience and support of my websites.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Outdoor Preservation

Have you ever walked outside and stopped just to hear the sound of nature at it's best. It doesn't matter what time of day ( or night ) it is, you can always hear nature at it's best. Whether it's the rain falling, the birds singing, squirrels playing in the trees, the wind blowing, frogs, dogs, coyotes and even people are all a vital part of this our mother earth. Now lets pretend that for some wrong reason we began losing some of our natural habitat. Lets say we lost the frogs and the birds from our world. Just what exactly would happen? First thing we notice is we lose some beautiful sounds, then we might notice that there are alot more bugs that the birds and frogs might eat and finally we might find that we have lost creatures of beauty that are normally taken for granted will always be there. Now let us look at reality. In today's world of the outdoors there are so many creatures that are being harmed by chemicals that most of us don't even know exist and many of the population could care less about. Chemicals are used daily by farmers, large companies and residents everywhere trying to eradicate some sort of pest problem which in turn actually does more harm then good. These chemicals have actually been found in our streams, ponds, soil and even the very foods we eat contain some sort of chemicals. We are the watchdogs of our mother earth and have all the say in whether or not we want our outdoors to be destroyed and turned into barren wastelands with no beauty to it at all or we want a lush beautiful green world for years to come. We humans are the only ones that can protect our lands and waterways from certain death and it's every ones responsibility to act on that tiny thought in the back of our mind. Preserving our outdoors is a must-do if not for ourselves then for our future generations. Think of your kids growing up with no parks to play in, no woods to hunt in, no streams with fish, no skies with birds, no pets, and so on. Is this the outdoor world we want our kids growing up to? By working together we can give future generations an outdoor world we can be proud of. Although there are some anti-outdoors people out there that could care less about our outdoors and some outdoors people with little respect for our outdoors, we can all become more protective of the great outdoors to combat their effects and prevent the destruction of our outdoor world. Everyone has a cause in today's society so lets make ours the great outdoors. Protect and preserve mother earth.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fishing Update.

Saturday evening, June 6th, my daughter Amanda,two of her kids Dustin and Danny, her boyfriend Daniel and a family friend James went fishing over at Rock Island State Park and they came home with a cooler full of catfish. They didn't get home till 1:30 a.m. so they waited till Sunday to clean the fish. Everyone had a great time with the exception of the slippery rocks which caused everyone to fall at least once. June 10th, I ended up going off catfishing by myself and when I got to Rock Island, they had the turbines running which meant high water. I waited to see if they would shut off the turbines and meanwhile decided to drift fish my bait through the currents hoping to catch a catfish. As things worked out I did hang one but the hook pulled off due to my kids using my rods and not knowing the proper way to tie a secure knot. I then moved above the turbulent waters and just as I was setting up to fish the turbines began shutting down so I moved back to the bridge and settled in for a 5 hour stay. My plans was to stay until 2:00 a.m. but ended up leaving around 12:00 midnight with 3 nice catfish of which the biggest was 10-12 pounds. These fish were taken to my workplace and given to my plant manager ( Jim Wilkerson ) who had been wanting a mess of fresh fish for over a year but couldn't find time to go.Jim told me he was going to smoke the largest catfish and bring some in for me to try this coming weekend. I've never tried smoked fish before so I guess I'm in for a treat. I enjoyed the relaxing time I spent by myself fishing. It was quiet and peaceful except for the sound of the waterfalls just below me.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Free Fishing Day With The Grandboy's and A Tragedy

Today was free fishing day for everyone in Tennessee and the rest of the week is free fishing for 15 years and under so today I took my grand boy's fishing. We got up a little later than I wanted to but still managed to get on the road by 4:50 a.m. for a road trip that took us 45 minutes. Once we reached our fishing hole the first thing we noticed was the generators were off and the water levels were fine. We had alot of area fog this morning which helped out with the length of time the fish would bite. See down where we went the fish bite up until the sun hits the water then it's all over with till just before dark. We tied on hooks and picked our locations along the bank then everyone baited up and began fishing. After about an hour of fishing Cody hooked into a really nice catfish which gave him an awesome fight. This seemed to break the ice and the boy's started bringing in fish faster then I could get them on the stringer, mostly because they were scattered up and down the bank giving room for all to fish comfortably. Cody got the second fish, Kaleb got his first fish and then Kaleb got his second fish then tragedy hit. Cody walked up behind Bobby ( who was squatted down by his rod ) and not watching where his rod tip was just happened to stick it into the seat of Bobby's shorts. Bobby jumped up quickly and began screaming and crying. The hook had hooked him in his ( excuse the language ) ass and he had grabbed the rod while Cody was trying not to move it either. Unfortunately both boy's were tugging on the rod which was moving the hook making things worst till I managed to cut the line and get Bobby to hold still and listen to what I was telling him to do. I quickly assessed the hook, explained what had to happen and began to use my multi-tool to cut the eye of the hook so I could get the hook though Bobby's shorts where I would be able to see better if we would have to go to the hospital or I would be able to get it out myself. Once the hook shaft was through Bobby's shorts he began working the hook around fighting back the pain and finally removed the hook on his own. I then checked the site for bleeding and damage and found none whatsoever. Bobby then decided we would stay fishing longer but that he would quit fishing at which time I keep him with me and talked about the accident and explained that accidents do happen but not very often when people are careful. As we talked Bobby became more at ease with his injury and was finally able to sit down and relax, then finally began fishing again. After talking to Bobby, I then called all the grand kids over to me and explained that for now on they were to leave their rods on the bank where they were fishing and retrieve their bait then return to their rod and bait up. Cody was scared the whole time I was removing the hook and was letting Bobby squeeze his hand until it was over.Cody apologized over and over the whole time until we left and even on the way home. On the way home we all discussed the accident and the fun we all had fishing and their were all wanting to return again this evening for more fun fishing. Accidents can happen at any time regardless of how safe you think you are being. Though this accident wasn't real serious it could have been a really bad outcome for Bobby in more ways then one. He could have had to go to the hospital and he could of given up fishing for life but he remained a strong trooper throughout the whole ordeal, listened to me and choose to continue fishing. Bobby told me he's been hooked every time he's gone fishing but none of the times were real bad.Bobby cleaned his wound upon our getting home and has been at my house most of the day today. I've checked with him on how he was doing and he says he's okay. I'll be checking with him tomorrow just to follow-up and make sure he's not getting infected but I pretty sure it will be fine. All in all they all said they had alot of fun fishing with the accident as an exception. Above are a couple of pictures my granddaughter took with her camera phone of the fish and us all. The first is Kaleb on the left and Cody on the right then (left to right ) one of Pepaw (deerslayer ), Kaleb, Cody and Bobby. Though I didn't weight the fish I estimate the big fish to weight about 15- 17 pounds.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Company Bass Anglers Tournament.

Well I've joined our companies Bass Anglers Tournament which we're trying to have every two weeks ( my weekend off ) and so far my partner and I have come in second place. We're kind of working in the dark on this thing as nobody knows the next tournament location or times until it's posted on the bulletin board at work. The fish are still on beds but should be off by our next tournament which should be June the 7th. Although we have just begun this tournament we are already looking to add other companies from around the area to join in the fishing fun but with little luck on that right now. This could be due to the fish being on beds ( I'm hoping ) and nobody wants to fish till their off beds. Our tournament June 7th is going to be a night tournament but the location and exact times haven't been set yet. I believe there would be more participation if we had a set schedule posted so folks would know in advance about the tournament dates and times and could work them into their daily schedules. I've come up with a t-shirt design for sponsorship of the tournament but we're waiting right now to see if we can get more companies to join us so we can add their company's logo to the shirts before having them printed up. Right now we don't even know if we can get our company to sponsor us with the t-shirts but we're going to try anyway. Maybe I'll try contacting field about sponsoring us with one of their t-shirts-- I don't know. Anyway I'll be posting more news on our tournaments and the standings to keep everyone updated on the outcome of our tournament and any other fishing I'll be doing this summer.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fishing Trip with My Grandsons.

Saturday morning plans were made for a fishing trip with one of my grandsons, Kaleb. As usual another grandson, Cody decided he wanted to go by late Saturday afternoon. I spent the day Saturday going over all my tackle checking it and getting it ready for Sunday's adventure. 4:15 a.m. Sunday morning my two grandsons and I got up, had breakfast and coffee and discussed facts about fishing. My grandsons had been fishing before but were anxious to learn all they could about fishing from me. So many questions and a lifetime for them to learn. Although I have many years of fishing behind me and more memories of fishing than I can ever disclose to them, I only hope I will be here long enough to show and teach them everything I know about fishing and the outdoors. 5:00 a.m. we loaded the gear up and headed to my favorite honeyhole. As it was still dark out, on the way there was conversation about the road, the fog, a opossum which crossed the road in front of us and of course fish and fishing. As we went through town, we stopped at Wal-mart Supercenter to replenish my supply of 5/0 laser point catfish hooks then back on the road again. 6:00 a.m. and dawn was just breaking. We were just minutes away from my honeyhole and my grandsons were already seeing the water beside us above the dam. As we pulled into the parking lot we could see the Great Falls waterfall and that the lights were flashing on the construction bridge to the Hydro-plant, indicating that the turbines were running and the dam flood gates were open. We got out of the truck and walked the upper trail as the lower trail was under water. Kaleb and Cody were both in awe over all the swift water, the falls, the vultures flying around over us, the fog hanging over the water, the wild flowers and wanting to know where we were going to be fishing. When we finally found a place along the bluff where we could get down to the waters edge to fish we went back to the truck and got our gear. Returning to the water, I began showing both grandsons how to put the chicken livers on the hook, how to cast the bait easy enough not to throw it off, how to cast out and handle the large catfish rods so as not to throw them in the water and how to cast into the swift currents and eddy's without getting crossed over each others lines. Though my two grandsons were more into casting out and reeling in to quickly to give the fish time to bite, they both did a wonderful job of listening to my instructions, and their casting out skills were well appraised, however they were both in open waters without trees, protruding rocks or logs and stumps. Although we all started out free lining our baits, I decided to put a sinker on and try bottom fishing. Knowing this to be a mistake in the fast moving current, I wanted to see if the fish were on the bottom of the river. As anticipated, I got hung up and lost my hook and sinker which turned out to be a good opportunity to show my grandsons how to tie on a hook. We'd been fishing for about 2 hours now and both grandsons were beginning to get alittle dis-interested due to not catching any fish. We decided to move to another fishing spot, one where the water wasn't swift and fast currents so we moved to a spot above the dam next to a bridge. Unfortunately after fishing there for another hour or so and still not catching any fish we decided to head for home and try fishing another day. On the way home we discussed the day of fishing and the fun we had even if we didn't catch any fish. Before reaching home they wanted to know when we would be going again. My only reply was " maybe the next weekend I'm off work". Another great memory for my collection.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fishing We Go.

Well just a short update on my fishing. This Sunday ( April 12, 2009 ) I plan on getting up at 4:30 a.m. and heading out to Rock Island State Park for a morning of fishing for catfish with my grandson Kaleb. If all goes well we should come back with a nice bunch of fish for the skillet but they'll have to wait cause I'm cooking up a nice deer roast with all the trimmings. We'll be using chicken livers and fishing just below a spillway along the river ledges drifting the livers free lined. To date the smallest catfish I've ever caught there was probably 5-6 pounds. I'll give you full length report on our fishing outing later this coming week.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Fishing Update.

Well I had planned on going fishing this weekend but the weather just didn't cooperate so I ended up visiting blogs and giving my support to my fellow bloggers and doing some research on a sickness I've just been diagnosed with. I did check the fishing report for my area and found out that the fishing was slow right now due to the weather and the cold running the fish down deep. Most fish ,of those being caught, are running from 10-35 feet deep on channels or drop-offs. These fish are being caught on mostly jigs or live minnows. Hopefully I'll get the chance to go fishing two weeks from now when I'm off on the weekend again. There has been some rumors that the catfish are biting now for the past month or so, so maybe I'll give catfishing a try when I go. March usually starts the catfish feeding good and getting ready to start going on beds so it should start getting exciting around here through the last part of July or August. Anyway I'll give a update to you on the fishing here after I go in two weeks and hopefully the weather will be better by then and the fish will be biting.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fishing Was On Hold.

My fishing has been put on hold since the beginning of deer season and besides that I usually only fish for bass and catfish now which I do normally during the first part of the year until as I said deer season begins. Anyway with deer season about over you should start getting more post here on my fishing afield for the 2009 year. Perhaps in 2009 if the deer hunting gets slow I may try some fall and winter fishing. Who knows I may even take up fishing for crappie and walleye. My camping trips with the wife this year were all but a disaster so in 2009 there probably won't be any camping trips or at least not with her but maybe with some of the guys from work or my grand kids, only time will tell.