Friday, May 29, 2009

Company Bass Anglers Tournament.

Well I've joined our companies Bass Anglers Tournament which we're trying to have every two weeks ( my weekend off ) and so far my partner and I have come in second place. We're kind of working in the dark on this thing as nobody knows the next tournament location or times until it's posted on the bulletin board at work. The fish are still on beds but should be off by our next tournament which should be June the 7th. Although we have just begun this tournament we are already looking to add other companies from around the area to join in the fishing fun but with little luck on that right now. This could be due to the fish being on beds ( I'm hoping ) and nobody wants to fish till their off beds. Our tournament June 7th is going to be a night tournament but the location and exact times haven't been set yet. I believe there would be more participation if we had a set schedule posted so folks would know in advance about the tournament dates and times and could work them into their daily schedules. I've come up with a t-shirt design for sponsorship of the tournament but we're waiting right now to see if we can get more companies to join us so we can add their company's logo to the shirts before having them printed up. Right now we don't even know if we can get our company to sponsor us with the t-shirts but we're going to try anyway. Maybe I'll try contacting field about sponsoring us with one of their t-shirts-- I don't know. Anyway I'll be posting more news on our tournaments and the standings to keep everyone updated on the outcome of our tournament and any other fishing I'll be doing this summer.