Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just A Fishing.

A couple of weeks ago I'd pondered all night while at work about going fishing after work the next morning. Unfortunately, I was to tired to drive the 12 - 15 miles to my catfish hole and ended up going down to the nearby river to fish for bass. I parked by the Hwy 111 bridge, climbed down the embankment and slide into the water by the bridge and began fishing upstream all the way to the dam with nary a bite one. I then started back down stream and had stopped at a big poole using the same spinner bait but reeling it very slowly, so as to allow it to fall to the bottom and to my dismay began cacthing 10 - 12 inch redeye bass. I stayed at this poole for about 40 minutes and left with a nice stringer of redeye bass. I didn't have my watch on so I figured it was about time I get home to the wife before she grounded me from fishing the rest of the year. Those fish made some nice eatin and the wife was happy to boot.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Doctor's Released Me.

Tuesday August 12th, 2008 the doctors check-up was good but not a total relief. The doctor looked at the wound and said it was healing good but to be careful cause it could still bust open again and I'd be back to square one again starting all over on the healing process.The doctor released me to go back to work but on a light duty release only for about another 7 - 10 days or so. I went to work on the 13th and 14th and they put me on the forklift and told me to " just be careful and chill out and not lift anything", but my packing balled up on me and felt like sitting on a rock. I even changed the packing but it didn't do any good the pain was already there and hard to handle without my pain medication. I kept trying to prevent taking any pain meds. due to them being narcotic drugs and not wanting to get dependent on them. Saturday around noon I had my grandsons over to help clean up the yard so it could be mowed and I started hurting again just walking around so now I've been inside sitting around trying to stop the pain again. I think I may have rubbed the covering off the wound and have it opened up again but haven't had the wife check it yet. I'll have her check it in the morning after my shower before dressing it. I just hope I can make it at work the next few days without any more pain. It's good to be able to get off the couch anyway and tomorrow I plan on trying to mow the yard with just the riding mower at least. I may not be able to do that but I have to try. Dad and mom came by today to check on me and they have been seeing a few deer in the lake bed with a couple of nice bucks. Now I just have to finish rebuilding my deer stands and get them up before season starts and re-sight my bow.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Doctors Visit.

Went to the doctors today for check-up and they told me the wound was worst not better. The wound has opened up even more and the infection gotten worst. They put me off work through the 12th of August now and have me doing what they call a wet and dry packing on it ( which is changing the dressing from a wet pack to a dry pack every four to six hours and nothing during the nighttime to let it air out and breath ). I also have to use Hydrogen Peroxide and water ( 50-50 % ) solution on it twice daily to help the infection clear out. It just doesn't look all that good to me but then I'm not a doctor and not making the big bucks for those decisions. Since lying on the couch is all I can do I've been watching alot of hunting and fishing shows on tv on the Outdoor Channel, writing blogs in my website booklet ( which I need to post to my hunting site ) and sleeping alot of the time. I 've been doing paid surveys online but they all want you to buy something or try something free for a fourteen day trial, so I guess I be giving this idea up of making money at home with the internet. I can't win from losing any more. Depression starting to set in some now I think so I'll close till the next doctors visit or I feel like writing something else.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Complications from Surgery

Went to doctors appointment today, they were upset cause fiberplasty has broken lose and infection set up. Seems as though I wasn't supposed to be sitting in a tub of water for my bath or sitting at all. My release instructions weren't explained to me just written on paper. Now I'm off work for at least another week and my pain medication doubled and a strong antibiotic to boot. Now I may end up losing my job over this surgery due to missing too much work, even though I was under a doctors care I can only miss 8 days in a year even with a doctors excuse. I go back to the doctor Friday the 8Th at 11:00 a.m. and hope the antibiotics are working and the surgery healing up but for now will just have to wait and see. First time surgery you never know what to expect or what questions to ask when your released to go home.