Thursday, July 31, 2008

Surgery update.

Surgery had me worried but it's all over with now and wasn't as bad as I figured it would be. Though I haven't talked to the doctor myself yet, my wife, mother and father was there with me during the surgery and spoke with the doctor after surgery while I was in recovery. The doctor told them everything went well and that he was sending the warts off to have them checked for the possibility of cancer. As for my endoscopy, the doctor said I had an ulcer and ask my wife if I had been under any stress, said that is what causes ulcers( with all the kids staying with us, health problems,financial problems,work not getting done around home,not sleeping good and trying to stop smoking and cut way down on the caffine---no stress here at all). Anyway I'm scheduled to return to the surgeon for follow-up only this time Monday August 4th at 3:45p.m. and then I'll have alot more questions for him. The hospital called yesterday to check up on me and told me to lay around the house buck naked so the wound would get air to it and heal faster. This part I like but have to make sure I lock the doors. Get to bath for the first time today since surgery on Tuesday and man do I need a bath. Pain pills are the strongest he can give me and at times they just don't seem to be working at all (Dilundid 2 mg every 3-4 hours). I'm just glad they didn't have to do any skin grafts. Okay enough for now will update more later as reqiured or needed.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Health Update.

Was supposed to go fishing tonight but had a doctors appointment and he scheduled me for minor surgery on my leg tomorrow. the doctor has taken me off work till Monday August the 4th so since I can't do anything but sit around the house I'll try to post a few articles on all my websites for everyone and visit alot of sites as well. Catfish are hitting really good here right now as they are coming off beds and filling their gut. Have been getting alot of reports of big 18,19 lbs and bigger fish being caught on crawfish, nightcrawlers, chicken livers and shad and minnows and bream. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of any of them just reports. Keep on fishing and posts me some articles and THANKS EVERYONE for your concerns.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fishing Update

It's been some time now since my last post so let me fill you in. I've been busy with my job,working around the house and helping out my dad so I really haven't had the time to get online. I have managed to go fishing some after work for a couple of hours and early mornings and late nights. I caught a nice 12 1/2 lb. channel catfish three weeks ago that gave me a really good fight on my ultralight rod with 6 lb test, then three days ago I caught a stringer of nice red eye bass at the river using a small spinner bait on my ultralight rod and that was a ball. I 've fished a few ponds at night and caught a few decent largemouth bass which I threw back , so I guess that's about all the fishing time I've been able to do lately. My dad's health and mine too is worst now so I have to try to help my parents with their work around their place and keep working on my place as well which doesn't leave much time for my fishing. Hunting season is getting close and I've got to get all my ducks in a roll before it gets here or I won't be going come opening day if my health allows me. I've missed out on reading everyone's post and leaving comments on their stories so much that everyone has probably forgotten me but that will change now. Everyone keep fishing and post those articles as I will do the same.