Friday, June 12, 2009

Fishing Update.

Saturday evening, June 6th, my daughter Amanda,two of her kids Dustin and Danny, her boyfriend Daniel and a family friend James went fishing over at Rock Island State Park and they came home with a cooler full of catfish. They didn't get home till 1:30 a.m. so they waited till Sunday to clean the fish. Everyone had a great time with the exception of the slippery rocks which caused everyone to fall at least once. June 10th, I ended up going off catfishing by myself and when I got to Rock Island, they had the turbines running which meant high water. I waited to see if they would shut off the turbines and meanwhile decided to drift fish my bait through the currents hoping to catch a catfish. As things worked out I did hang one but the hook pulled off due to my kids using my rods and not knowing the proper way to tie a secure knot. I then moved above the turbulent waters and just as I was setting up to fish the turbines began shutting down so I moved back to the bridge and settled in for a 5 hour stay. My plans was to stay until 2:00 a.m. but ended up leaving around 12:00 midnight with 3 nice catfish of which the biggest was 10-12 pounds. These fish were taken to my workplace and given to my plant manager ( Jim Wilkerson ) who had been wanting a mess of fresh fish for over a year but couldn't find time to go.Jim told me he was going to smoke the largest catfish and bring some in for me to try this coming weekend. I've never tried smoked fish before so I guess I'm in for a treat. I enjoyed the relaxing time I spent by myself fishing. It was quiet and peaceful except for the sound of the waterfalls just below me.

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