Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Catfish -- Catch-em if you can

Catfish are thought of by many people as strictly bottom feeders when in all reality they are just like any other species of fish, feeding at any depth. Most species of catfish crave certain foods for their diet but will eat just about anything you put before them. Understanding these fish and doing alittle research and study work will allow anybody to be able to catch one of these monsters of our waters,whether it be from a lake,reservoir,river or pond. As of 2007 there are 36 extant families and about 3,023 extant species of the catfish family. The largest flathead catfish ever caught to date was taken in Independence, Kansas weighing 123 lbs. 9 ozs but is no match for the world record Giant Mekong Catfish of Northern Thailand, the largest of which was caught May 1, 2005 weighing in at an unbelievable 646 lbs. Today the Giant Mekong Catfish are on the critically endangered species list and are illegal to fish for in certain waters of Thailand. Other catfish around the world of substantial size include the European ( Wels ) Catfish and of our very own yellow catfish, blue catfish, flathead catfish and the shovelbill catfish (spoonbill ). Now I do a good bit of catfishing in the summer months and do quite well at it but it depends on where I go as to how I fish for them. In one area of a river I fish I use a 2-4/0 hook with no sinker and let my big chunk of chicken liver drift under the ledge rocks producing some nice 10-25 lb catfish where as at another spot I fish I like to use a sinker and fish the bottom for channel catfish and flatheads producing fish from 1 lb to 15 and up to the 78 lb fish posted on one of my other websites. Fishing for catfish can be slow,easy and laid-back or it can be fast and furious with lots of action and excitment.Don't expect to catch any perticular species of catfish all year long as each species go on bed at different times are just don't feed while on beds. It all comes down to one important fact about catching catfish, you have to be at the right spot at the right time to catch fish.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

That's some catfish!
I've added you to my blog roll
good luck with the new blog

Marian said...

Same here - that's a big one - I wonder if they grow them that big in the muddy Mississippi River? Will add you to my blog roll as well. Your site is looking good deerslayer! :)

deerslayer said...

I should be adding everyone from my other websites within the next day or two, I appreciate the two of you stopping by and commenting for awhile I didn't think anyone was still visiting the sites. I plan on posting to this site quiet often till I get it up with my other sites or run out of things to write about. I'm trying to make this one informative as well as fun. Marian; I know the blue catfish gets well over 100 lbs in the Mississippi and as a rule of thumb usually the larger the impound the larger the fish grow.

Fishing Charter said...

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