Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lake Sturgeon Project in Tennessee

In the year 2000 Tennessee Wildlife resource Agency began stocking lake sturgeon in the French Broad and Holston rivers near Knoxville, Tn. and again in 2006 stocked Cheatham Reservoir of the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tn.. The lake sturgeon is Tennessee's largest species of fish growing to weights of 300 lbs. and lengths of 8 feet long and living for up to 150 years old. To date more than 50,000 Lake Sturgeon have been released into Tennessee's rivers. Movement studies of the lake sturgeon have already shown that they travel great distances after being released and some fish which have already been caught and released have shown the fish traveling 250 miles and going through 4 dams before being caught by an angler. Some of the lake sturgeons are equipped with transmitters for research study and monitoring of the fish . Lake sturgeon are an endangered species in Tennessee and should be released immediately without harm to the fish. If a lake sturgeon is caught by any angler, TWRA would appreciate a photo and approximate length of the fish if this can be done without harm to the fish or delaying the release. In addition to the photo, your name, address, phone number, when and where you caught it and what you were using for bait should be sent to your regional office or call the Fish Management Division at 615-781-6575. A numbered Lake Sturgeon Certificate will be sent to you as appreciation of your report. TWRA is hopeing to be able to allow a managed sport fishery of this primitive species in years to come if the program succeeds.

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